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In order to assist you, please submitted the information below. We will come back to you ASAP, with the nearest team member and in your language. Choose: Simple Message or the Advance Booking Form

Our goal is to make the process of booking as easy, transparent and enjoyable as possible by both simplifying the set up process. TRAVELIXIR packages are ¨tailor made¨ an ALL taxes and Fees are included (FINAL PRICE).

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 +39 327 332 0738 

Travelixir Headquarters

10123 - Turin, Italy
20181 - Dubai, UAE
11500 - Montevideo, Uruguay

20066 - Male, Maldives

EMAILS / Departments

USA, UK,  Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Malta, Greece, Maldives, Qatar, UAE, Singapore, Nepal  Sri Lanka, India, Russia, China, Vietnam,Tanzania, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay.

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