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Your authentic Trip Designer. The real Travel Consultant and Travel Concierge that you were looking for. is a Global Online Travel Company (OTA), DMC.  A retail travel agency & wholesaler, specialized in Luxury Travel, Sport Tourism and Adventure, but with an enormous difference. The company uses commercial and innovative thinking to develop stunning ¨tailor made trips¨ that are intelligent, inspire and delight. Making a real connection with its people, guests and clients. (B2B,B2C) 
The company keeps its fingers on the very pulse of the industry to deliver world-class concepts and forward-thinking with unique exclusive services. Welcoming the discerning travellers – those in search of quality and value, Those who are tired of disappointments, and understand that time is the most valuable thing. Those in the need of authentic, contemporary and intelligent holiday that inspire.

+ Creators of extraordinary experiences designed with the challengers and the visionaries in mind.
+ A company with no limits and big plans.

THE DIFFERENCES (from the rest)

Well, not only for the best price and quality service, but also for the originality and the accompaniment throughout the whole trip-experience:

  • Up to 60% discounts in accommodations, rooms, villas, boats, jets, transfers, exclusive events, etc

  • Our rates include ALL Government Taxes, Fees and Service Charges. Other companies add this on at the end of the booking or you find out when is too late!  


  • All payments methods. One of the first travel companies accepting BitCoins (since May 2017).

  • Free Upgrades, Free Activities, Free Tickets for Events, VIP party´s, Free Excursions and Spa Credits

  • Full support 24/7/365

  • Real TEAM. Professionals in the field. Serious background. Without improvisations.

  • Specialized in Honeymoons, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Adventure, Sports, Groups, Families, Corporate, Royal, VIPs and Events...

To elevate the ordinary and take experiences to the next level.
We understand that time is the most precious thing in life, so, we will make yours count. 
Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, creates extraordinary holiday experiences by being innovative, courageous and kind. Inviting guests and clients from all over the world to unique destinations, serving them in style and from the heart, and surprising them with exceptional hospitality and surroundings. Let you experience the luxury, the adrenaline or adventure of traveling more easily than ever before.

Extraordinary ¨stress-free¨ experiences filled with happiness, wellbeing and bliss.
Travelixir prides itself as a trusted, forward-thinking, reliable and human hospitality and lifestyle brand. It is committed to creating a company that is a great place to work and provides exceptional and innovative experiences.

Travelixir values are at the very core of the company.
They reflect what the company is about, how it conducts itself and where it strives to be: smart, playful, responsible and human.

Created to simplify and save your precious time. NO MORE: Stress, Disappointments and Headaches for your next trips.

Just relax and leave it to us.


A new concept/model of travel company that makes the existing travel companies become obsolete.

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